• Christmas Gift Idea 2020 for Coffee Lovers

    Christmas Gift Idea 2020 for Coffee Lovers
    Wake The Crew SG is now dropping a Christmas Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Gift Set for the month of December. Celebrate the joy of Christmas this December with gifts that will DEFINITELY be well utilised (or at least consumed!). No more worrying about whether your gifts will be chucked to the corner of your recipient’s store room or cabinet with our cold brew coffee concentrates!
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  • The Coffee Budget

    The Coffee Budget

    Ever wondered how much you spend on coffee on an average day? Spending on coffee is arguably a necessity, but has it been breaking your bank and ruining your savings plan? We did a breakdown on the average cost of your everyday cup of joe, and also how much you might possibly spend on your coffees on a monthly basis depending on where you get your caffeine fix.


    Cafe style/Starbucks/Coffee Chains - Lattes, Cappuccinos etc.

    Definitely one of the most expensive cuppa out there, most working professionals are bound to get their daily cup of coffee before heading into the office and some, even throughout the day. If you’re part of this category, be ready to spend up to S$9 per drink, especially if you add on syrups, upsize or even decide to go for vegan alternatives like oat/soy lattes instead. For more serious coffee drinkers, you might even spend on 2-3 cups of coffee a day.


    Damage: ~S$4 - S$9/cup

    ~S$80 - S$180/month (1 cup of coffee/day, for 5 days, in 4 weeks)

    Coffee quality: Good

    Coffee strength: Varies, usually average unless adding an additional shot (for additional cost).


    Wake The Crew Coffee Concentrates

    Coffee concentrates are similar to espresso shots, where the only difference is the brewing technique and its freshness lifespan. Coffee concentrates are cold brewed and come ready to drink. Most people add water/milk/milk alternative of choice to the coffee concentrate and adjust the strength of coffee by changing up the mixer to concentrate ratio. If you are going for a quick shot of caffeine, it can be drank straight up like an espresso shot.

    Damage: ~S$3.50 - $5/cup

    ~S$70 - S$100/month (1 cup of coffee/day, for 5 days, in 4 weeks)

    Coffee quality: Good

    Coffee strength: Strong, but normally cut with mixers depending on individual preference


    Kopitiam style kopi (Robusta)

    The cheapest and most traditional Singaporean coffee you can find in the market, kopi has traditionally been consumed in Singapore till modernisation hit and Arabica coffee/lattes/cafes rose in popularity. This kopi comes as more bitter and acidic as it is made using Robusta beans and roasted in butter/margarine/lard and sugar to achieve a strong burnt coffee fragrance. A popular choice among the older Singaporeans and those that love a harsh cuppa coffee, it appeals less to the younger generation who have a preference for western style lattes and brews.

    Damage: ~$1 - $3/cup

    ~S$20 - S$60/month (1 cup of coffee/day, for 5 days, in 4 weeks)

    Coffee quality: Varies depending on your coffee shop uncle/aunty

    Coffee strength: Usually strong


    Capsule coffee (Nespresso)

    Capsule coffee is highly popular in Singapore and worldwide as it is a cheaper and more convenient alternative for Arabica coffee at home without the hassle of brewing. It usually comes in a row of 10 capsules and you just have to pop it into the coffee machine, press a button and get your very own quick cuppa joe.

    Damage: ~S$0.80 - S$1/cup (Not including cost of purchasing machine)

    ~S$16 - S$20/month (1 cup of coffee/day, for 5 days, in 4 weeks)

    Coffee quality: Commercial/Average, depends on capsule type/producer (note: coffee is usually not as fresh due to processing for long shelf life)

    Coffee strength: Generally weaker, depending on capsule type


    Drip Coffee/Pourover Coffee

    This type of coffee are gaining in popularity among serious coffee lovers who are into taking the time and effort to carefully brew their own cup. The intricate skills and dedication required to getting the right technique are mainly suited for people who have the patience and interest to brew their cup. Not practical for many with busy lives and just want a quick good coffee fix due to the time required.

    Damage: ~S$1.50 - S$3/cup

    ~S$30 - S$60/month (1 cup of coffee/day, for 5 days, in 4 weeks)

    Coffee quality: Good, but dependent on the type of coffee beans purchased, shelf life and individual brewer skills

    Coffee strength: Varies largely based on brewer

    Instant Coffee/ 3-in-1 Coffee

    We all know this coffee, the easiest and most convenient type of coffee out there. Instant coffees are normally found in supermarkets and are ready for consumption just by adding some hot water. There are plenty of different brands and variations out there but these are also the most processed type of coffee and may come as large jars of coffee powder or sachets of 3-in-1 coffee powder.

    Damage: ~S$0.20 - S$0.70/cup

    ~S$4 - S$14/month (1 cup of coffee/day, for 5 days, in 4 weeks)

    Coffee quality: Low, highly processed for convenience and long shelf life.

    Coffee strength: Varies but mostly weak

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  • Crew’s Ginger Latte (Halia Latte)

    Crew’s Ginger Latte (Halia Latte)
    Coffee and ginger may be a new concept for many, but it has been consumed by many in the past. Especially popular in Bali, Indonesia, ginger coffee is commonly made with fresh ground ginger brewed in hot water and added to coffee and milk.
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  • Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

    Benefits of Cold Brew Coffee

    Reaching for your third cup of coffee for the day? Other than knowing that the caffeine keeps you awake, it always feels better to know what are the health benefits of cold brew coffee (but please, moderation is key.). We list out some of the amazing benefits of this precious liquid gold we all know as coffee:

    Boosting your metabolism

    Cold brew coffee contains caffeine which has been known to boost your metabolism by up to 11%! This increases your body’s fat burning rate and it is also a perfect workout booster. Just remember not to add on too much sugar into your drink to keep it healthy.

    Improving your performance

    Cold brew coffee is shown to increase ketones that can curb cravings and improve mental performance.

    Lowering your risk of heart disease

    Caffeine is high in antioxidants which may lower your risk of heart disease. Chlorogenic acid is a powerful antioxidant which is found in coffee beans, and it is highly sensitive to heat. Cold brewing coffee beans ensure that these powerful antioxidant are retained in the beverage.

    May be easier on your stomach than hot coffee

    Due to the lower acidity of cold brewed coffee, it is much easier for your stomach to digest than hot brewed coffee. It is also less likely to irritate your stomach, which is often the reason for why you might experience acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion when consuming hot brewed coffee. If you’re pulling an all-nighter and reaching out for that next cup of coffee, cold brewed coffee is definitely a better option as it is much gentler on your tummy while you work the night away.


    Final note:

    Truly, there are many health benefits with the consumption of cold brewed coffee. However, like all health foods, excessive consumption of caffeine is never advised. Remember to limit the sugary add ons in your daily cuppa to reap the maximum health benefits from your cold brew coffee!

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