Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee

Singapore may be one of the most sleep-deprived countries in the world, but our Ready to Drink Cold Brew Coffee is here to save the day.

Overslept on three alarms? Missed the bus on the way to the office? Rushing to work after dropping off the kids? Nothing should stop you from getting a well-deserved caffeine fix and starting your day right. Our Ready To Drink Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect grab-and-go for busy days, and a refreshing beverage for sunny Singapore.

Our Ready To Drink Cold Brew Coffee is exactly what it means – no mixing is required. Just open and savour the goodness of freshly brewed coffee immediately. Convenient and hassle-free caffeine fix from the comforts of your home, best for those who are working from home.

Choose from our wide range of cold brew flavours and never get bored again! From our Mocha Cold Brew Coffee made with fresh milk and lightly sweetened cocoa, to our Cold Brew Oat Latte made with oat milk, you will be spoilt for choice.