Why Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates

1. Experience the Best Coffee.

We only use specialty grade coffee beans in our cold brew coffee concentrates, so you can have a cafe experience all in the comfort of your home.

Brazil Concentrate

2. Strong or Mild Coffee? You decide.

You are your own barista. Adjust the strength of caffeine in your coffee according to your needs! Maybe you need something to get you through the day, or something to get you through the night. All that can be satisfied with just one bottle of cold brew coffee concentrate.

3. Make your coffee in minutes.

Mornings are periods when time is of the essence β€” getting ready, preparing breakfast, getting to work on time, or even getting your kids ready for school. Making a great cup of coffee now only takes less than 2 minutes: pour, pour, drink.

4. No Added Preservatives and Sugar.

As an artisanal, small batch brewer, we do not add preservatives or sugar into our cold brew concentrates, so you can be sure that your coffee is made all natural with nothing else but the good stuff (not including flavoured specials).

Mini bottles

5. Versatile.

Our coffee concentrates are also perfect in smoothies, cakes, ice cream and more! It will be what you want it to be.

5. Longer shelf life.Β 

Our coffee concentrates are made with coffee beans and filtered water only and the cold brewing process reduces oxidisation allowing it to stay fresh for up to 2-4 weeks when kept chilled.


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