April 01, 2021

Is bitter coffee strong coffee?

By Wake The Crew
Is bitter coffee strong coffee?

More often than not, we have been accustomed to the idea that bitter coffee means strong coffee. Especially in the Singapore culture of drinking ‘kopi’ where Robusta beans roasted the Nanyang style with butter and sugar are used, kopi can potentially taste burnt or too bitter when not roasted correctly.

However, bitter coffee is NOT strong coffee. Strong bitterness in coffee is a negative attribute of coffee that It can be a revelation for many, and those who previously hate coffee because of its bitterness might be able to start appreciating this amazing drink more. There’s a whole spectrum of flavours your coffee might be able to fall into, other than just being ‘super bitter’. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Poorly roasted

Coffee beans that are poorly roasted, or even burnt, gives off a very strong bitter taste which many might not like. At this point, the taste and properties of coffee beans have been ruined, causing it to be bitter. The origin flavour of the coffee beans when over roasted disappears, and the flavour of the coffee will come mainly from the roasting process.

2. Poorly brewed

Bitter coffee can also be a result of over extraction. Too much of the coffee beans’ flavours have been extracted, causing the coffee to produce overly bitter flavours which can mess up the flavour profile of the beans.

3. The water used is too hot

When the water used is too hot, it causes the bitter compounds to be extracted from the coffee beans. Instead of consuming only the pure, sweet flavour of the coffee bean, the bitter compounds will ruin the whole cup.


When the whole process of making coffee is done right, coffee can taste sweet, fruity, floral, and even chocolatey. Coffee is ultimately a personal preference - - why not start to explore and try the different variety of coffee beans available that suits your taste buds the most?

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