January 12, 2021

5 Unique Ways to use Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates

By Wake The Crew
5 Unique Ways to use Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates

Coffee has been a big staple for many, especially when there are so many benefits to them. Drinking coffee can not only help you burn fat, but also improve your energy levels and allows you to have a sharper brain. Ultimately, moderation is key, even for coffee, but who says you cannot enjoy coffee based drinks and desserts?

We have complied 5 unique ways to use your cold brew coffee concentrates, so you can wow your guests or spice up your daily cuppa!

1. Hot Coffee

Other than drinking it cold, cold brew coffee concentrates can also be consumed hot. Just heat up the coffee concentrates in the microwave for around 10-15 seconds before adding hot water or hot milk and get a perfect warm cuppa for a cold day.

2. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a super popular Italian dessert which also means “Pick me up”. Instead of using espresso where you have to wait for your coffee to cool, cold brew coffee concentrates do just the job! The creamy blend of mascarpone cheese coupled with coffee-dipped lady fingers (also known as Savoiardi Ladyfingers) and cocoa powder makes an amazing no-bake dessert!

Find the recipe here.

3. Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly is a highly refreshing dessert, predominantly more popular in Japan where it is served in many cafes. It is made of gelatin or konnyaku jelly, sugar and some espresso or coffee concentrates. Just top it off with some ice cream or add it to your daily cuppa for a coffee dessert!

Recipe here.

4. Coffee Cocktails

Cold brew coffee concentrates make coffee cocktails a breeze. No more spending the time to make an espresso shot just for your next coffee cocktail. Simply pour the coffee concentrate right out of the bottle and mix it into a cocktail!

Check out our Bailey’s coffee recipe now!

5. Frappuccino

Make your own Frappuccino in the comfort of your own home! Since cold brew coffee concentrates are used cold, there is no need for extra ice to keep your drink cold when blending it into an ice blended frappuccino. Just blend it with some milk and ice and you’re good to go. Easily recreate your favourite Starbucks/Coffee Bean drinks without the extra money.

Ready to make your own special concoctions? Shop for your coffee concentrates now!

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