Cold Brew for Events and Weddings


Instead of the usual food catering, how about amping up your event with our  bottled cold brews? Look no further, we're here to help! Hit us up for our range of refreshing cold brew beverages to be delivered directly to your office or event location in Singapore.

We offer free label design and customisation on all our bottled beverages for you to promote your brand or event.We are also able to offer cold brew coffee on tap at your event venue (subject to safe management measures by the Singapore government).
Customised cold brew kopi for gender reveal party

Customised cold brew kopi with personalised names

Corporate Events
Celebrations/Birthday Parties
Wedding Favours & Receptions
Baby Shower
School Events
Welfare Packs
    Want to customise your own drink or even create a unique concoction for your event? We also offer coffee concentrates for events so that you can mix your own drinks!

    Reasons to Get Coffee Catering for Events

    Our coffee catering services are highly customisable to match different types of events and settings. Our bottled cold brews works well in both indoor and outdoor settings, and is sure to be popular with guests.

    There’s a reason why the phrase “have a chat over a cup of coffee” is so common and popular in our society. Coffee stimulates conversations and connects people – be it a chat with an old friend, a networking session with industry players, or a business meeting with your partners.

    Having our cold brew at your event generates positive branding as we provide customisation options and even free label design for our bottled cold brew beverages. This allows you to kill two birds with one stone – satisfying your guests while creating marketing opportunities and bottled beverages with your brand logo are shared online. It also adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your event, leaving a lasting impression for your esteemed guests.

    Why choose us?
    ▪ Competitive Prices ▪ Customisable ▪ Low MOQ ▪ Premium Quality Cold Brew

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