OEM/White Label

oem white label

Wake The Crew offers OEM services to businesses looking to offer cold brew products but have restricted manpower and ability to do so. Our dedicated commercial brewing facility and state of the art technology ensures the best flavours are extracted from each coffee bean, making each cup unmatched in terms of quality and taste. 

Our experts are able to provide consultations on how to offer cold brew at your shop.


SFA Approved

Our SFA approved dedicated brewing facility ensures our coffee concentrates are brewed in a clean and safe environment.

Quality focused

We know quality is important in everyone's daily cup of coffee, hence we ensure that every batch of coffee brewed and delivered is of the best quality. 

Flavour Rich

Our R&D team has done extensive research and testing to extract the optimal flavour from every coffee bean that goes through the cold brew process, ensuring every cup of coffee is rich in goodness. 


From idea to product.

Your Idea

Thinking of selling cold brew coffee specifically under your brand?

Recipe Development

We will work together with you to develop your very own cold brew recipe unique only to your company.

Coffee Production

Your unique recipe will be sent to our production and your desired flavour profile is replicated.

Sell it

The coffee will be packaged in cartons or in your preferred packaging and delivered to you.

If you'd like to know more about our OEM/White Label services, drop us an enquiry at wholesale@wakethecrewcoffee.com or fill up the contact form here