November 21, 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

By Wake The Crew
Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Thinking of what to gift your secret santee or your loved ones this Christmas? We have compiled a list of our top few amazing gifts that anyone would love -- for both men and women. Best part is, they're all made locally so you can #supportlocal while you're at it! ;-)

For Coffee Lovers

The Ultimate Christmas Bundle

Why not get a whole set of cold brew concentrates from Wake The Crew? The Ultimate Christmas Bundle is perfect for coffee lovers who are keen to explore different types of coffee and to be their own home barista without the need for a coffee machine. The Ultimate Christmas Bundle consists of Single Origin Cold Brews, Espresso and Nanyang Roast Blends and the limited edition Festive Brews - there's definitely a coffee for everyone!

A great gift idea for both men and women alike especially since coffee is pretty much a staple in everyone's lives! 

Shop here: The Ultimate Christmas Bundle

For Scent Lovers

Penne and Co

Our go to for candles has been local candle maker Penne & Co! Penne & Co offers a wide range of scents ranging from Bug-Off Citronella to Christmas special scents like Mulled Wine. On top of that, they have beautifully handcrafted, decorative candles like Bunnies, Spaceman, and even Schnauzers! Having these beautifully scented candles are bound to make your house smelling super festive.

Shop here: Penne & Co

For Dessert Lovers

Coffee and Cake Bundle

Loaf cakes are great gifts for the festive season where everyone is bound to over indulge on sweets. Typically super fluffy, and not as 'jelak' (easily sick due to excessive indulgement) as the usual brownie or heavily creamed cakes, this loaf cake is easy on the palate and great to eat all day. Check out the guys over at The Loaf Caker where they are offering a Christmas Special Spiked Fruit Loaf Cake that is going to be a great treat at your Christmas party!

It gets better - Wake The Crew has teamed up with The Loaf Caker this holiday season to bring you the perfect tea time combo with the Classic Coffee and Cake Bundle and Christmas Coffee and Cake Bundle. Currently all bundles are at 10% off when you preorder by 8 Dec 2021!

Shop here: The Loaf Caker // Preorder bundles

For Health Lovers

Elixr Inc

Anyone who has been in the health scene would definitely know about the rise of Kombucha in Singapore, a probiotic drink known to aid digestion and to improve gut health. Our favourite kombucha brewer has got to be Elixr Inc, a homegrown kombucha brand dedicated to improve the gut health of Singaporeans with their tasty and refreshing booch. Some of our favourite flavours include: Calamansi Sour Plum, Apple Cinnamon, and Lychee Mint. They constantly change up their flavours so be on the lookout for what's new!

Shop here: Elixr Inc

For Pet Owners 

Getting a gift for a pet owner or for your own pet? You can't miss out on getting the stylish, waterproof and fuss free leashes by Muttley Crew. Their Multi-Crewser is perfect for any occasion, be it hiking, a coffee run with your dog, or a muddy romp on a rainy day, the Multi-Crewser is your go-to leash. Its BioThane®️ material means you just gotta rinse down after every adventure and you're good to go again. Best part, it dries *almost* instantly! 

Shop here: Muttley Crew

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