April 15, 2021

4 Reasons Why Cold Brew is So Popular in Singapore

By Wake The Crew
4 Reasons Why Cold Brew is So Popular in Singapore

Cold brew coffee has always been popular among coffee drinkers and you’ve probably seen it on the menu at Starbucks or at your favourite café in town. But recently, cold brew has been gaining mainstream popularity in Singapore. You’ve probably noticed them on your social media feed where stylish bottles in assorted flavours are delivered to your friends’ homes. 

To the uninitiated, you might wonder: what is the hype all about? Let us break it down for you with 4 reasons why cold brew has been so popular in Singapore recently: 

1. Easy to Drink

Cold brew coffee is a lot less bitter and acidic than hot brewed coffee. You can read about the science behind the cold brewing process here, but in summary, heating the coffee degrades the chemical compounds in it, resulting in a bitter taste. 

Coffee made from the cold brewing process gives rise to a smoother and sweeter taste that more people find easier to enjoy. 

2. Longer Shelf Life

Pure cold brew coffee concentrates (without added milk or sugar) can stay fresh in the fridge for 2-4 weeks! The cold brewing process reduces the rate of oxidation and allows the coffee to stay fresh for much longer. 

This means that people who do not drink coffee daily but need a caffeine kick once in a few days can turn to the cold brew bottle sitting in their fridge to provide them that much needed fuel to #stayawake

3. Convenient 

With more people working from home nowadays, cold brew coffee allows them to enjoy high quality coffee without having to buy any equipment or order delivery. 

Cold brew is also incredibly quick and simple to prepare for those short on time! You can create your own drink from our cold brew concentrates under 3 minutes – just pour, pour and drink! Recipes available here

4. Versatile

Cold brew coffee concentrates pair well with a wide variety of flavours and ingredients. As a result, there are a wide variety of cold brew flavours in the market and cold brew lovers are spoilt for choice – some have been made with nut milk, others have been mixed with chocolate etc. 

Here at Wake The Crew, we sell cold brew coffee concentrates without any added ingredients so you have a blank slate to create whatever drink you love, whether it’s a coffee cocktail or vegan latte

Now that you know why cold brew has been so popular lately, why not give it a taste and find out whether you would love it too? Click here to shop for our cold brew concentrates!

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