Brazil Coffee Concentrate

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In stock

Our single origin Brazil coffee concentrate is perfect for creamy and milky coffee lovers looking to make a smooth cup of coffee.

Each 250ML concentrate bottle can make about 4-5 servings and 500ML concentrate bottle can make about 8-10 servings. Can’t decide? Check out our concentrate guide here!

• Sweet, Chocolatey, Nutty notes

• Please keep chilled. 

Ingredients: Coffee Beans, Filtered Water

Customer Reviews

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Vanessa Seah
Best creation ever!!

I love the premium bottle packaging to the versatility of the coffee concentrate! Days when I’m craving for a sweeter or stronger coffee, this product allows me to play around to my mood. Not only that, it is also super time-saving for busy hustlers! highly recommend to all.

So good and so convenient!

Love it 😍 makes a super smooth cup of coffee even at home. I usually add milk and a scoop of ice cream in the afternoon!

Joan Khaw

I only started drinking cold brew when I came across a booth a Wake the Crew booth at Velocity. I hardly drink coffee and it was so yummilicious that I decided to order it. I love the fact that it’s so convenient to have it at home and I mix mine with oat milk which I prefer to dairy milk. My family likes it as well and I have to ration everyone at home or a large bottle would be finished in two days.