November 12, 2020

Crew’s Dino Latte

By Wake The Crew
Crew’s Dino Latte

Our adult twist from our favourite childhood drink — the Milo dinosaur! If you haven’t heard of the Milo dinosaur, it’s an iced malt drink (Milo), topped with heaps of Milo powder. It may sound weird to many, but the clumps of milo powder on top of the drink makes Milo a lot more exciting!

And as we continue to grow and become adults, our taste preferences may change towards caffeinated drinks (cues coffee). But one thing is for certain — we will always look back into our past and try to recreate something we love. In this case, it’s making a dino latte. Super simple recipe, it’s just iced cold brew coffee topped with some milo powder! How much milo powder, you might ask. We’ll, you’re an adult now who can make your own decisions so you can decide! But we’ll do a guideline for you, and in case you’d like to add more, just powder away!



  1. Mix the Coffee concentrate, milk and ice into your preferred cup. (Preferably, choose a cup that has a wide top so that you can sprinkle more milo powder without snorting any)

  2. Put the milo powder on top of the drink. Don’t worry if it doesn’t dissolve — it’s not supposed to!

  3. Stir it up and drink! Best consumer without a straw and with a spoon to be able to eat the milo chunks off the top ;-)