June 13, 2020

Why is cold brew better?

By Wake The Crew
Why is cold brew better?

Previously we wrote a post explaining the cold brewing method and in today’s post we will be talking more about the benefits of this brewing method. 


  • Less acidic and bitter

One of the main reasons the cold brewing method is growing in popularity is that this brewing method results in a smooth cup of coffee without any harsh acidic or bitter aftertaste. Without the use of heat and pressure, the compounds in the coffee beans are less likely to be broken down resulting in either an acidic or bitter taste. Of course this can still happen if the cold brewing method is done incorrectly and is under or over extracted.


  • Better for stomach and teeth for heavy coffee drinkers

Because of the reduced acidity, this brew method is much preferred by heavy coffee drinkers as it is less harsh on the teeth and stomach. The lower acidity prevents teeth from eroding quickly and becoming sensitive. Similarly, for people with acid reflux problems, cold brew coffee is a better option for a coffee drink with lower acidity to avoid triggering a reflux situation.


  • Stronger natural flavours

While acidity and bitterness are reduced, the cold brewing method brings out strong natural flavour unique to the type of coffee beans you are using. This method is most popular when extracting single-origin or speciality grade beans as it allows the unique flavours of that particular coffee to be brought out and appreciated. 


  • Stays fresh for longer

Because of the lack of heat and/or pressure used during brewing, the compounds in the coffee stay intact and do not oxidise as quickly, allowing the entire brew to stay fresh for a longer time. While oxidation will definitely take place over time, cold brewing allows a longer period of freshness (2-4 weeks) when brewed properly and stored appropriately in a refrigerated area as opposed to other brewing methods that only stay fresh for a day.

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