July 05, 2021

What are single origin coffee beans? What makes different single origin beans taste different?

By Wake The Crew
What are single origin coffee beans? What makes different single origin beans taste different?

70% of the world’s coffee beans are Arabica beans from the Coffea Arabica plant and although it may be the same kind of beans, environmental factors like the quality/type of soil, climate, humidity and temperature will affect the tasting notes of the coffee produced.

Single Origin Beans

Single origin coffee beans are coffee beans derived from a single geographical region. It is generally a broad term and may mean a single country, single region, single farm, single producer or even single lot. What this really means is that as a consumer of the end product, what you are tasting is a solid cup of coffee that is unique because every bean used is from the same area derived from being cultivated under the same environmental conditions.


Single Origin Brazil Santos

For example, for our Brazil Santos brew, we use Arabica beans from Brazil, and more specifically the Santos region. This means all our beans are derived from the same region but may be from different farms or producers.

Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo

Similarly, our Ethiopian Sidamo beans are also Arabica beans but are cultivated in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. This means that these coffee beans are all derived from the Sidamo region but could be from different parts of Sidamo and different farms. A good example would be the popular Ethiopian Yirgachaffe beans that is a sub-part of the Sidamo region.


Because of the varying climate/environmental factors, these two types of beans will have different tasting notes with the Brazil one having a more nutty and chocolatey flavour while the Ethiopian more fruity and floral. The main draw to single origin beans is an opportunity to savour and appreciate the different tasting notes unique to each origin as a result of the environment it is cultivated in.


At Wake The Crew, we only use high quality single origin beans to produce our concentrates. Explore your favourite single origin cold brew coffee with us now!

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