April 14, 2022

The Cold Brew Craze: What Makes This Coffee So Popular?

By Nadiah Ang
The Cold Brew Craze: What Makes This Coffee So Popular?

Everyone has that co-worker who always enters the office holding a bottle of mocha cold brew coffee in the morning. Since this kind of coffee was brought into the mainstream, it has grown trendy, especially among millennials and Gen Zs. But what is it about cold brew coffee that makes it so famous these days?

Considering that iced coffee has been around for so many years already, perhaps you might be wondering what makes cold brew coffee different from ordinary iced coffee. The answer to this question mainly lies in how these coffees are made: while iced coffee is made by simply pouring hot coffee over ice, cold brew coffee is brewed through cold water extraction over hours.

The result of the cold brewing process is a distinct kind of coffee that smells, looks, and tastes nothing like an ordinary, traditional coffee. To help you understand the rationale behind the current cold brew craze, here are 5 of the best reasons cold brew coffee has become a favourite coffee choice.  

1. Cold brewing produces the smoothest coffee

One of the best things about cold brewing is that it produces a far smoother finish than any other coffee brewing method, which appeals most to so many fans. Aside from smoothness, cold brewing offers more sweetness than an ordinary cup of hot coffee because eliminating high temperatures removes all the bitterness from the equation. 

2. Cold brew coffee contains lower levels of acidity

Coffee is a great drink to sip on at any point during the day. However, it usually contains high levels of acidity that can cause problems for some people, especially those with acid reflux and other gastrointestinal issues. Fortunately, cold brewing has already solved this problem by offering a coffee that’s not only smooth and sweet but also low in acidity levels. Compared to a regular cup of hot coffee, which typically has a high level of acidity, a cup of cold brew coffee can be around 67% less acidic.

3. Cold brew coffee still provides a good caffeine kick

Some people question its caffeine content because cold brew coffee is a lot less bitter and acidic than regular hot brew coffee. They assume that this kind of coffee has higher caffeine content or no caffeine. However, the truth is, cold brew coffee contains a good dose of caffeine, which makes it as effective as regular coffee when it comes to keeping you awake and boosting your energy.

4. Cold brew coffee is conveniently ready to drink

With everyone’s busy lifestyle today, the convenience brought by ready-to-drink beverages has become quite essential, especially for those “grab and go” moments. With life becoming increasingly fast-paced, you probably don’t have much time to wait for a cup of coffee to brew anymore. This is where cold brew coffee comes in. Many brands are offering ready-to-drink cold brew coffee in Singapore. You can easily grab a cold brew from the fridge or purchase one on the run at the grocery or any local café.

5. Cold brew lets you experiment a lot with coffee

The cold brew method is perfect if you love experimenting with your coffee and exploring different coffee flavours! This coffee brewing method produces a concentrated mixture that you can use in limitless ways. You can heat it, keep it cold, or get creative with cocktail recipes! You can bring as many unique and weird additions into the equation as you want.



There are several reasons why cold brew coffee has been well-received and loved by many coffee lovers. Aside from being a flavourful coffee with lower acidity levels, cold brew coffee is a convenient on-the-go drink you can bring when you’re running late for work or cramming for an exam. Hopefully, the reasons you’ve read in this article have convinced you to jump on the cold brew bandwagon.

For a quick and convenient boost of caffeine to delight your every morning, why not try our ready-to-drink bottled cold brew coffee in Singapore? These drinks are perfect for your busy days since they require no mixing. Just open the bottle and savour the aroma of cold brew coffee right away!

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