November 17, 2021

Should You Get an Espresso or Coffee Machine for your Business

By Wake The Crew
Should You Get an Espresso or Coffee Machine for your Business

If you are thinking of selling coffee at your bakery, restaurant or dessert shop by purchasing/leasing an espresso or coffee machine, here are some things to consider!

High upfront costs

Purchasing an espresso or coffee machine will definitely incur some upfront costs which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the type of machine, capacity, brand and many other factors. Commercial espresso machines tend to be the most expensive, in the thousands to tens of thousands, while automatic coffee machines tend to be cheaper but may result in lower quality as parameters have less room for adjustments. 

Increased monthly overheads costs

That being said, espresso machines typically require a skilled barista to operate them as well as to craft lattes and other coffee beverages while automatic coffee machines simply work with a push of a button. If purchasing is not an option, leasing options are available as well but will also raise your monthly overheads. 

Regular cleaning and maintenance

On top of purchasing/leasing a machine, you will still need to source and purchase roasted coffee beans, milk, milk alternatives and other ingredients like syrups for your coffee menu. Once you have gotten your coffee/espresso machine up and running, remember that to maintain optimal performance, all machines will require regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance that will also incur additional costs. 

If you are unsure about the demand for coffee at your F&B shop and are not ready to commit to the additional start-up and recurring costs, you may consider to use coffee concentrates that are freshly brewed, highly versatile and can be used to craft any cafe style beverage or bottled cold brew coffee. If you think this is something that would work for your cafe/shop, do drop us a message at and we would be happy to help you get started on your coffee journey with free samples and a no-obligations quote!

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