July 23, 2021

Is single origin better for cold brew?

By Wake The Crew
Is single origin better for cold brew?

In today’s post, we will break down the differences between coffee blends and single origins to help you decide which is more suited for you.


Blends — Coffee beans originating from different countries

Single Origin — Coffee beans originating from the same country/same area/same plantation 

Differences in Acidity

Blends are commonly used in espresso/hot brewed coffee to balance the acidity, sweetness and bitterness that are more pronounced in such extraction methods. For example, if a particular origin bean is known to be more acidic, it will then be mixed together with another type of coffee bean with lower acidity and fuller body to create a well-balanced cup. Blends are also used to maintain a particular taste profile, as single origin beans may have volatile flavours depending on environmental  factors. Blends are hence used to adjust these flavours to achieve a uniformed taste profile all year round.

The process of cold brewing reduces acidity and bitterness from the coffee thus making the need to create a blend of different coffee beans to mask these traits unnecessary. 

Tasting the actual flavour of beans

Think fruit punch vs a cup of pure apple juice.

Cold brewing is one of the best ways to appreciate single origin beans as strong fruity, floral or bright flavours might come out acidic or bitter when using hot/traditional brewing methods. This process allows coffee drinkers to experience the true flavour of the coffee from that particular origin. From fruity, berry, to chocolatey and nutty notes, cold brewing allows you to savour the flavours unique to each type of coffee.


Ultimately, we all have different taste palates, and everyone has their own personal preferences with regards to the type of coffee they like. We offer single-origin cold brew concentrates from different regions with different tasting notes and espresso blends to allow customers to appreciate the true flavours of that particular coffee while also allowing versatility to customise and drink it as desired.

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