November 24, 2021

How to Start Selling Coffee at your Shop without Extra Costs

By Wake The Crew
How to Start Selling Coffee at your Shop without Extra Costs

Thinking of biting a share of Singapore’s million dollar coffee industry? This large market is not to be missed when you are running your own F&B shop. If you are thinking of selling coffee beverages at your shop but are unsure about how to do so, either due to a lack of capital and skilled labour, or simply because you are unsure of the demand, a great place to start would be through the use of coffee concentrates.

Freshness vs Shelf Life

Coffee concentrates offer an ideal balance in quality, freshness and shelf life. Comparing the fresh yet extremely short shelf life of espressos vs the more processed and extremely long shelf life of capsule/instant coffee, coffee concentrates are able to offer an alternative that is fresh and yet able to offer an extended shelf life. The gentle cold brewing technique prevents degradation caused by oxidation from heat and keeps the coffee tasting fresh for 2-3 weeks when kept chilled. This is highly ideal for shops that are just starting out with coffee or tend to have volatile demand.

No upfront costs or long term commitment

Furthermore, no machines or skilled baristas are needed to use coffee concentrates - simply open, pour and mix. You can now sell coffee beverages like lattes, mochas, or just black coffee without needing to come up with any upfront cost or make any long term commitment. You may also incorporate coffee concentrates into your other products and experiment with a variety of recipes that will capture the attention of more customers. 

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