April 14, 2023

Boost Corporate Team Bonding with a Cold Brew Mixology Workshop | Wake The Crew

By Wake The Crew
cold brew team bonding

If you're looking for a fun and unique way to bond with your corporate team, Wake The Crew's cold brew mixology workshop is the perfect option. Not only will your team get to learn the ins and outs of cold brew coffee and tea, but they'll also get to flex their creative muscles by creating their own unique concoctions.

At Wake The Crew, we offer cold brew making workshops and mixology workshops that use our signature coffee and tea concentrates. Our workshops are perfect for teams of all sizes and skill levels, and they can be customized to fit your specific needs and goals.

During our workshops, your team will learn how to make cold brew coffee and tea from scratch using our concentrates. We'll also teach them about the different flavor profiles and brewing methods that can be used to create unique and delicious beverages. After the basics have been covered, it's time for the fun part: mixology.

Our expert mixologists will guide your team through the process of creating their own unique cold brew cocktails and mocktails. They'll learn how to balance flavors and create beautiful presentations that are sure to impress. And, of course, they'll get to taste-test their creations along the way.

Not only is our cold brew mixology workshop a fun and engaging way to bond with your team, but it's also a great opportunity to learn about coffee and tea. Your team will leave the workshop with a newfound appreciation for the art of brewing and mixing, as well as some practical skills that they can use at home and in the office pantry.

So if you're looking for a unique team-building experience that's sure to be a hit, consider Wake The Crew's cold brew mixology workshop. With our expert guidance and signature concentrates, your team is sure to have a memorable and rewarding experience. Contact us today at chat@wakethecrewcoffee.com to learn more about our workshops and to book your session.

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