July 20, 2022

5 Fantastic Wedding Ideas For Couples Who Love Coffee

By Nadiah Ang
5 Fantastic Wedding Ideas For Couples Who Love Coffee

One of the most important considerations when planning a wedding is the theme or motif. Most of the time, couples take inspiration from things they both love. If you and your partner are coffee lovers, why not incorporate your favourite beverage into your wedding theme?

It’s not surprising that many Singaporeans use coffee as a motif for various events, especially weddings. After all, statistics show that 95,000 60kg bags of coffee were consumed in Singapore in 2022 alone. 

To help you plan your cold brew-inspired wedding, here are some wonderful ideas you and your partner can consider.

1. Coffee cart for your guests’ caffeine fix

At Wake The Crew, we offer cold brew coffee in Singapore for your events. Aside from your usual food and drinks, you can elevate your wedding reception with a mobile coffee cart with bottled cold brews. We have a great range of refreshing cold brew drinks that can be set up at your venue. Aside from that, we can also customise label designs on our bottled cold brew coffee to make them more personalised and match your theme.

Another reason to cater our coffee cart in Singapore is that it adds style to your wedding reception, be it an indoor or outdoor setting. Having cold brew coffee to go around your wedding celebration helps connect people and stimulate conversations, making the atmosphere more comfortable for everyone.

2. Cold brew gift packs

Aside from having a coffee cart to be the centre of attention at your reception, you might want to consider welcoming guests or sending them home with cold brew gift packs. We have plenty of flavours to choose from, including latte, oat latte, black, kopi, chocolate, oolong milk tea, and mocha cold brew coffee. We can also customise personalised notes for you to make your gift packs extra special. 

3. Antique coffee cans in centrepieces 

If you are planning a rustic or outdoor wedding reception, consider using antique coffee cans as flower vases to make beautiful centrepieces. You can check out online shops for vintage coffee tin cans and add your favourite blooms to make your centrepieces look perfect for your wedding theme.

4. Coffee lover’s gift registry 

If you’re moving to a new place after tying the knot, wouldn’t it be a dream to have your own coffee bar at home? And to make that dream a reality, you’ll need to spend on a good quality coffee machine, dainty cups and mugs, a rolling cart, some coffee-related artwork, furniture, and more. To get a good start on your coffee station project for your abode, why not include the things you need in your gift registry. That way, your family and friends will know what you want to receive as wedding gifts.

5. Coffee-infused wedding cake

What is a wedding without a cake? You can have a tiered coffee buttercream cake with coffee beans and matching mugs made of fondant as accents. For a coffee-loving couple, your cake should be infused with your favourite caffeinated beverage to complete your theme.



There are many other ways to highlight your favourite caffeine drink at your wedding reception. You can start with the suggestions above to give you a good idea of how to go about it. 

At Wake The Crew, we offer coffee and tea concentrates, ready-to-drink cold brew coffee, cold brew coffee delivery in Singapore, and more. Contact us today if you are interested in catering a coffee cart or getting cold brew gift packs for your wedding or event!

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