June 09, 2022

5 Coffee Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away

By Nadiah Ang
5 Coffee Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Away

Next to water and soda, coffee is the third most popular type of drink globally. This is not surprising considering that coffee is usually rich in aroma and has many health benefits. No matter what time of the day it is, a cup of hot coffee or a bottle of cold brew coffee in Singapore is never a bad idea.

However, sometimes, it can be challenging to enjoy your morning or afternoon coffee when there are so many misconceptions about what is in your cup. These misconceptions can discourage you from drinking this beverage or prevent you from enjoying its full benefits. To help you identify true and false information about coffee, this article explores 5 of the most common coffee myths and their truths.

Myth #1: Coffee causes dehydration

Many people refuse to drink coffee because they believe it causes them to become dehydrated. However, although coffee has a light diuretic effect, it is often negligible and offset by the amount of water in the coffee. Indeed, if you look at your cup of coffee, you will likely notice a watery consistency. The volume of water in a cup or bottle makes up for caffeine’s dehydrating effects.

Myth #2: Caffeine is very addictive

Although there is a little bit of truth to this one, it is not as bad as many people believe or claim. One of the effects of caffeine is to stimulate the central nervous system. This results in a very slight dependence, but the withdrawal effects only last around two days. Hence, the withdrawal effects of caffeine are a far cry from those of highly addictive substances like nicotine, alcohol, and drugs. 

Myth #3: Coffee aids weight loss

This is a common myth floating around gyms and Zumba classes that coffee is an effective aid in losing weight. However, science says this is not exactly so. While caffeine’s stimulating effects can slightly boost your metabolism, it is not enough to make a difference in your diet, especially in terms of long-term weight loss. Caffeine may decrease your appetite for a brief time, but there is not enough evidence to prove that long-term consumption allows you to lose weight.

Myth #4: Darker roast means stronger coffee

If you are trying to stay awake for an exam or your work deliverables, choosing dark roast coffee beans over light roast ones will not always provide you with the strong coffee you need. This is because the darkness or lightness of the roast is not indicative of the coffee’s strength.

Many studies show that caffeine is about the same in light and dark roast beans, as long as the coffee is measured by weight instead of volume. On the other hand, if a dark roast coffee were measured by volume, it would contain fewer beans because of their large size and result in less caffeine per cup than a light roast coffee measured in the same way.

Myth #5: Coffee is bad for the health

Another major misconception surrounding coffee consumption is that drinking coffee is bad for the health and may cause some illnesses. However, much evidence from places like Harvard shows that coffee is good if taken in moderation.

Taking a moderate amount of caffeine daily is not going to hurt you. It can provide you with some health benefits, such as boosting your energy and concentration, relieving your migraine headaches, and even reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease. According to studies, you can safely consume up to 300 milligrams of coffee or three cups every day.



Knowing the different common misconceptions about coffee and the truths behind them is essential, as it allows you to enjoy the full benefits of this all-time favourite drink. By learning more facts about coffee, you can now enjoy your morning cup of Americano or afternoon cold brew bottle with peace of mind. 

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