September 01, 2021

Cinnamon Honey Cold Brew Latte

By Wake The Crew
Cinnamon Honey Cold Brew Latte

Autumn — fall spices are abundant in our food and drinks, and it warms your soul as the season changes. Granted, although we don’t have seasons in Singapore, but no one said we can’t eat like we’re in Autumn!

We wanted to try a spiced coffee to liven up our daily cold brew coffee. After doing some experimentation with small batches of coffee, we have finally found the ideal ratio for a cinnamon spiced coffee. CINNAMON. SPICED.

Who doesn’t like cinnamon? It’s health benefits are aplenty, even including reducing blood sugar levels. To keep the drink as natural as possible, we even added honey to sweeten up the drink naturally. Surprisingly, the honey and cinnamon blended well together, and with the coffee, it’s a healthy improvement to your daily coffee!

We’ve shared the recipe down below, so feel free to save it or even share it with your friends! <3



  1. Mix the honey together with lukewarm water and stir to ensure that it’s fully dissolved.

  2. Stir in cinnamon powder in the honey mixture.

  3. Pour the honey mixture, fresh milk and coffee concentrate into a glass of your choice and serve!

Tip: Use the sequence Ice > Honey Mixture > Milk > Concentrate for a better gauge!