November 08, 2021

Bailey's Gingerbread Latte

By Wake The Crew
Bailey's Gingerbread Latte

You must be above 18 to drink alcohol in Singapore

Another Christmas festive drink for you guys! It’s an accidental recipe which turned out…. tasting super festive.

We used Baileys in our recipe and this is one hella drink. Our limited edition gingerbread concentrate is made of natural spices with 0 sugar, which is a healthier alternative compared to those that are commonly found outside. If you’d like to sweeten things up, control the amount of sugar by adding gingerbread syrup to taste — no more overly sweetened coffee.

The Baileys gingerbread latte is perfect for guests and also a crowd pleaser during this festive season.


  • 70ml Milk of your choice

  • 70ml Baileys Irish Cream (We used the Espresso Creme)

  • 10ml Gingerbread syrup (optional; add 15ml if you like it sweeter)

  • Ice


  1. Mix the ingredients all together in your favourite glass (or wine glass)!

  2. For an insta-worthy shot, use the mixing sequence: Ice > Milk > Coffee Concentrate > Baileys > Gingerbread Syrup