April 06, 2023

Why Coffee Concentrate is Taking Over the Coffee Market in FMCG

By Wake The Crew
coffee concentrate

Coffee concentrate is an increasingly popular product in the FMCG industry. As a type of coffee that is brewed to a concentrated form, it offers a number of benefits for both consumers and manufacturers.

One of the main advantages of coffee concentrates is its convenience. It can be stored for a long time and easily mixed with hot or cold water/milk to create a fresh cup of coffee. This makes it a great option for busy consumers who want a quick and easy way to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee without having to brew a full pot or get an espresso machine.

In addition to its convenience, coffee concentrate also offers a strong, bold flavor that many coffee lovers enjoy. This can be especially appealing to consumers who prefer a more intense coffee experience, as well as those who appreciate the unique flavors and characteristics of different coffee varieties.

From a manufacturing perspective, coffee concentrate can also be a cost-effective and efficient product to produce. Since it is concentrated, it requires less coffee per serving, which can help to reduce costs and waste. It can also be produced and stored in large quantities, which can help to streamline production and distribution processes.

Furthermore, coffee concentrate can be marketed to a wide range of consumers, from coffee aficionados to those who are simply looking for a convenient and high-quality coffee option. This can help to increase sales and expand market reach for manufacturers.

Overall, coffee concentrate is a trending product in the FMCG industry, as it offers a convenient, cost-effective, and flavorful option for coffee lovers. As consumer demand for convenient and high-quality products continues to grow, it is likely that coffee concentrate will continue to gain popularity in the years to come.

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