July 05, 2021

What is cold brew coffee? How is it different from iced coffee?

By Wake The Crew
What is cold brew coffee? How is it different from iced coffee?

Ever wondered about the differences between cold brewed coffee vs iced coffee? It’s the brewing technique!


Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is a type of coffee brewed by steeping grounded coffee in cold or room temperature water for 12-24 hours. This method of brewing uses no heat or pressure during the brewing process which may compromise the flavours of the coffee. This method of brewing results in lower acidity and bitterness in the coffee while bringing out the natural flavours associated with the type of coffee bean. Also, the absence of heat used in the brewing process reduces the rate of oxidation and enables the brewed coffee to stay fresh for 2-4 weeks. This smooth and sweet brew may be more expensive as more coffee beans are needed to bring out the same level of strength and intensity as coffee extracted using other conventional methods. 


Iced Coffee

On the other hand, iced coffee is coffee brewed or extracted using hot water and/or pressure and poured over ice to cool. This type of coffee can be brewed or extracted in mere minutes and is best consumed within the same day. Less coffee beans may be needed in the brewing process to bring out the intensity and strength of the brew and may result in a cheaper option. This method of brewing results in more balanced flavours and a stronger aroma but at the same time it is also more prone to bitterness and acidity while the natural flavours of the coffee may also be lost.


It’s a matter of preference whether one prefers cold brew coffee or iced coffee more. However, there are more benefits to cold brew coffee as opposed to iced coffee, especially for people with a sensitive stomach. Read more here!

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