July 31, 2020

What are the white sediments in my cold brew?

By Wake The Crew
What are the white sediments in my cold brew?

Coffee oils. Oh, beautiful coffee oils. They are chock full of flavours and is brought out in freshly roasted and brewed coffee.

Coffee oils are volatile — it can evaporate when heated enough, creating that fragrant aroma when the coffee beans are hot brewed. These oils are the ones responsible for the flavour, body and aroma of your coffee, and the cold brewing technique is the best at retaining these precious oils in your coffee as much as possible.

So what are the white sediments in the cold brew concentrates?

If you notice any white specks in your cold brew concentrates, don’t fret! It’s actually solidified coffee oils due to the high concentration of coffee beans we use to brew those delicious concentrates.

Removing these coffee oils would mean removing that lovely aroma found in the cold brew.

As our cold brew concentrates are kept cold at all times to ensure freshness (we recommend you to do the same), the low temperature may cause the oils to solidify. Shaking the bottles may also cause these solidified oils to become more prominent.

Pour out some of your concentrate and leave it at room temperature for a minute and you will notice the white specks dissolving into a layer of delicious coffee oils!

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