September 01, 2022

Pour-Over Brewing: Tips On Perfecting Your Technique

By Nadiah Ang
Pour-Over Brewing: Tips On Perfecting Your Technique

Pour-over is one of the popular manual brewing techniques that allows coffee lovers more control over making their coffee to achieve the flavour they want. Whether you are already a V60 expert or a first-time Bee House brewer, a handful of tips can help you brew your best coffee. Beyond that, always use fresh grounds, adjust your proportions, and grind to your tastes. Let's get into the brass tacks of perfecting your pour-over without further ado.

 1. Rinse and repeat

Put the filter in the brewer and rinse with hot water before brewing. This removes the paper residue (responsible for the woodsy taste), seals the filter, and heats the brewer. Warming everything first helps keep the brewing temperature stable.

 2. Grind it right

When it comes to the grind, you must consider three main elements: how, when, and what size. Making the right grind before brewing matters because fresh coffee starts to oxidize and age faster upon grinding. Grinding coffee at the correct setting is also essential – the grind particles' size influences extraction, so getting this part dialled in for your method is crucial.

If you do not have a good grinder yet (or are having difficulty dialling in your grind properly), consider asking your local speciality coffee shop to grind it for your method. Otherwise, use this ground coffee in calibrating your grinder to match. To make it easier to compare particle size, put ground coffee on a white piece of paper first.

Lastly, burr grinders are better than blade grinders when it comes to the type of grinder. This is because the latter chops the beans into irregular-sized pieces, which leads to uneven extraction.

3. Perfect your pour 

The bloom pour, also known as the initial pour, saturates all the grounds and will later help with an even extraction. Pour double the amount of water into the coffee and gently stir for about 30-45 seconds, avoiding the light spots and going for the dark ones instead. Keep things even by stirring in slow and steady spirals. Using a gooseneck kettle for this part largely helps with precision.

4. Only use high-quality water

Remember never to use water you would not drink when brewing your coffee. Clean water means clean coffee and no foreign contaminants that could affect the coffee's taste. Ideally, the water should be at 205°F or around 30 seconds off the boil.



Manually brewing coffee using pour-over and immersion brewing is ideal for making coffee the way you want it, as you are free to make adjustments. For instance, does your coffee taste slightly sour or weak to your preferences? Too bitter? Do the opposite and make it coarser. Adjust your grind to make finer coffee grounds. Hopefully, with these tips above, you can improve your pour-over technique and make better-tasting coffee at home.

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