November 19, 2020

Crew’s Ginger Latte (Halia Latte)

By Wake The Crew
Crew’s Ginger Latte (Halia Latte)

Coffee and ginger may be a new concept for many, but it has been consumed by many in the past. Especially popular in Bali, Indonesia, ginger coffee is commonly made with fresh ground ginger brewed in hot water and added to coffee and milk.

The spiciness of ginger brings a kick to your morning cuppa while keeping that all-so-needed caffeine in your morning drink. We used a sachet of Gingen ginger tea (let’s be realistic here, there’s no time in the morning to grind and brew your own ginger to add into your coffee), coupled with our cold brew coffee concentrate to bring you the easiest, fuss-free ginger coffee latte you can make. You can use any ginger tea of your choice!



  1. Dissolve the ginger tea with hot water.

  2. Mix them all up in your preferred glass and serve.

  3. For an insta worthy shot, use mixing sequence: Ice > Ginger mixture > Fresh milk > Coffee Concentrate

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