December 07, 2021

Christmas Gift ideas for Pawrents and Fur Babies

By Wake The Crew
Christmas Gift ideas for Pawrents and Fur Babies

With the year coming to an end soon, why not support local and better yet support for a cause. At Wake The Crew, we are big animal lovers and we want to do our part to give back to an enterprise we firmly believe in and we know where exactly the proceeds will be going to. We are donating 10% of our profits to SOSD (a Singapore Volunteer- Run Dog Shelter dedicated to the welfare of the many street dogs around) to help support and fund for medical supplies required for these helpless dogs who are left to fend for themselves. (Check the link for more details on donations for medical supplies at SOSD)

In addition, partnering up with us is Singapore's top dog behaviourist @happytailsasia who will be matching dollar to dollar for the donation we are doing. In this season of giving, why not buy gifts to treat both yourself and your special furry buddies for a good cause at that to help out other fur friends in need.

Needing that extra energy boost in the early mornings to start the day right with your furry pals, why not get some coffee concentrates from Wake The Crew? Easily customisable, just make a cup of coffee treat for yourself in the morning and be on your way to start the day from early walks with your furry pals and ace through the day at work. P.S. remember 10% of our profits are going to SOSD, getting some caffeine fix from us will also help out these helpless dog friends that need immediate medical attention.

In need of a new leash for your dogs, be it for long walks or even training, you can check out the Multi- Crewser, Training Crewser or the Follow My Lead leashes from @muttleycrew. With varying lengths and its biothane material, this makes such leashes very durable and easy to clean after walks if your fur buddy likes to stray off the path and trudge around in dirty water puddles! P.S. support happytailsasia for a good cause as she is matching the sum dollar donation from WTC!

Here are some other gift ideas to consider for your precious puppers! Like how dogs can feel and sense your emotions, their happy energy from those gifts will certainly rub off you and put a huge smile to your face as well.

It is a glass treat jar with a wooden lid which can be customised (your pet's portrait in your preferred style) to store your fur babies' favourite treats. Ain't it a good way to keep that special picture and memory of your fur buddy forever?

2. @wunderwoof_
They do mainly rope leashes: Multi- Leash, Traffic Leash and the Wunder Leash which all serve different purposes as well as other accompanying accessories too. These leashes are perfect for those playful ones and for you to keep them close at times when needed.

In this Christmas season, let's embrace the spirit of giving by gifting fellow pawrents and their fur babies while giving back at the same time. Support local and help out other puppers in need!

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