November 27, 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas for Colleagues

By Wake The Crew
Christmas Gift Ideas for Colleagues

The festive season is upon us once again and what better way than to end the year with Christmas presents! Wouldn't it be a great idea to thank your team and colleagues for slogging hard through another pandemic year by rewarding one another with Christmas gift exchanges!

For all those coffee lovers out there, we have just the perfect gift ideas for you guys! Why not hit us up to gift your colleagues bottles or even a whole set of cold brew concentrates? Fret not, non-coffee lovers, we did not forget you! We are collaborating with The Loaf Caker (IG: The Loaf Caker) and they serve up amazing loaf cakes for a delicious treat too!

Christmas Gifts Below $100
The Ultimate Christmas Bundle consists of a variety of Single Origin Cold Brews, Espresso, Nanyang Roast Blends and our limited edition Festive Brews of Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread. With a total of 6 bottles of concentrates for you to choose from at your Christmas parties, surely there will be something that suits everyone. This will definitely make the perfect gift to reward or surprise your coffee loving colleagues and friends!

Be it the classic or festive flavours for this holiday season, we got your back! Our cold brew concentrates are easily customisable so that you can get your desired cup of coffee by pairing our coffee concentrate with your choice of milk or mixer to get the treat you deserve! We also have ready to drink coffee options for those looking for a quick caffeine fix for a grab and go.

Christmas Gifts Below $50
On a tighter budget? Our Classic Coffee and Cake Bundle is another great gift option not to be missed! Each bundle consists of 3 bottles of Cold Brew Latte, 3 bottles of Cold Brew Black and a Loaf Cake of choice (Gold Cocoa Loaf Cake, Cocoa Cheese Loaf Cake or Christmas special Spiked Fruit Loaf Cake).

This bundle is perfect for both coffee and non-coffee lovers to enjoy and serves around 6 to 8 pax which is perfect for small gatherings to usher in the festive spirit or just for a quiet Christmas tea break.

Be sure to check out our above bundles for some lovely Christmas gift exchange ideas. On top of that, if you would like to order from us, do preorder early to enjoy our free delivery to one location. This will be the ideal surprise for your colleagues if you team is doing a secret santa event!

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